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EPZ Recruiting Packages

Our recruiting packages were created to meet the recruiting needs student athletes and their families, at a very affordable price. Learn more about our packages and begin the process today.  CLICK HERE

Sports Recruitment Letter Writing

Let Elite Prospect Zone assist you with composing your recruitment letter to college coaches.

Many players rarely receive the kind of recruiting attention they deserve. They may be excellent athletes, but for various reasons, colleges know little about them. These athletes require help from coaches, counselors, parents, or others who feel they are qualified and deserving of being considered by college programs.

Student-athletes should send letters introducing themselves to college programs at the start of his junior year. This process encourages coaches to watch the player and possibly start the recruitment process. It's time to get on the radar! Contact us to find out more about our letter writing service.

College Questionnaire Assistance

Stellar-Football-Scholar[1].jpgAre you spending 5-15 minutes locating a college questionnaire and completing it online?

Take necessary steps to make sure college coaches are aware of who you are by filling out college recruiting questionnaires. Our staff will save you hours of time by submitting the questionnaires for you. We'll complete and submit 50 college recruiting questionnaires for the sport of your choice. 

Request EPZ's questionnaire assistance service today. CLICK HERE

Premium Highlight Videos


EPZ has a NEW partner - The Next Level Media! 
Understand that an athlete's film is the first thing a coach will ask for when they are either interested in a prospect or they are told about a potential prospect. During the recruiting process, film evaluation is the No. 1 tool used by college coaches to determine whether or not to pursue a high school prospect for student/athletic scholarship consideration.  Make a good first impression  by promoting  the best of your abilities through a well-made highlight video that showcases the elements that recruiters want to see.
The best highlight video production company is now working with EPZ to make sure your highlight video makes a lasting impression on college coaches. Contact us today for a free consultation.


ClockRecruitment Timeline

Do you know the timeline for starting the recruitment process? Did you know that there are things you should focus on beginning your freshman year in high school and sooner? The clock is ticking.

Contact us to receive information regarding the timeline. Learn when to begin putting together your highlight video, take SAT/ACT, register with NCAA Eligibility Center, plan campus visits, and much more. Contact us to receive assistance putting together your timeline.

College Contact Mail Merge

Elite Prospect Zone's database of 2013 college coaches allows us to assist you with contact coaches directly. Our database consists of coach names, mailing addresses, email addresess, phone numbers, and staff contact information. Contact us if you need assistance with creating mail merge letters, emails, labels and envelopes for the college of your choice.

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