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Recruiting Letter/Email Contact Guidelines:

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July 31st, 2012

Letter/Email Contact Guidelines:

  • Make sure you correctly identify this year’s coaches. Coaching staffs have high turnover rates.
  • Never address a letter or email to “Whom it may concern”
  • Initial contact should be made by the interested player sending a letter with some information about himself
  • If the coach reaches out to a coach on your behalf, the player should follow it up by submitting a letter and highlight video.
  • Personal letters show more sincere interest. Make sure you personalize the letter so it doesn’t appear to be a form letter.
  • Handwritten letters are usually okay, but typewritten is preferred for players with bad penmanship.
  • The letter should come from the player, but parents should review for spelling and punctuation errors.
  • Emails are okay, but do not always offer the same personal touch as a letter. However, emails offer a more convenient way for coaches to respond. Emails can also be easily forwarded to other coaches and recruiting coordinators.
  • A follow up phone call to either letter or email is key. The follow up call can be made by the player, coach or both.
  • Some schools prefer initial letters/emails be sent to the recruiting coordinator versus the head coach. Review the college’s website for instructions.

NOTE: If you are sending a letter instead of an email, it might help to include your email address on the letter.

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