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Recruiting Moment of Truth

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January 9th, 2014

From An Athlete’s Perspective

Signing DayIt’s January, the moment of truth for athletes who are slated to sign their National Letter of Intent the first Wednesday in February. The official visits are picking up. College coaches are more aggressive in their recruiting tactics and enticing the athletes to make a commitment. Athletes are hoping that their dream school will make an offer. And the stress level is unbelievable.

During this time, senior athletes who have received offers are now responsible for making a decision that will have a tremendous impact on their lives. One that could possibly be a deciding factor on where they will spend the next four years studying, competing, and growing.

The athletes, who have not yet received offers, are pulling out all the punches to try and get a coach to make an investment in them.

Even though athletes are sometimes exceptional on the field or court, I believe society has forgotten that they are human too. The stress level during the final weeks before signing is probably the most stress these athletes have ever experienced.

From my personal experience, the closer I got to signing day, the more sleepless nights I experienced. Ironically, most of the stress did not come from the decision itself, but from the community (family, friends, coaches, etc.), who constantly put pressure on me to choose. Although my best interest was at heart, most athletes can relate when I say it’s overwhelming and the unsolicited opinions do not make the decision making any easier.

The questions that are asked the most and athletes hate to hear are:

“Where are you going?”

“Did you choose a school yet?”

“How many offers do you have?”

EVERYONE thinks they know what’s best for you, even if they’ve never competed or had to make a decision like this.

Words of wisdom to athletes: Choose a school and program that you feel good about and will make you happy. Pray about your decision and follow your heart!

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