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Develop a plan of action and follow it

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July 24th, 2012

Have you developed a recruiting plan of action? It's time to get busy.

  1. Send letters and emails of introduction to college coaches
  2. Email links to your YouTube highlight video to coaches
  3. Ask your high school coach to send letters for you
  4. Send high school football season schedules to college coaches
  5. Join training programs that have connections to college coaches
  6. Attend college football camps and combines
  7. Take ACT and SAT tests (most students need to take these more than once)
  8. Get with your high school's guidance counselor and register with the NCAA Eligibility Center
  9. If you know an ex-college or professional player ask them for an honest evaluation of your skill level. IMPORTANT -- ask them to be honest, tell them it is okay to hurt your feelings. You want honest feedback. It is important to establish your skill/ability level, so that you do not spend time trying to get noticed by a top 40 DI program if your abilities are better suited to a quality junior college program.
  10. It is important to play in front of college coaches. Few players are ever signed to a college scholarship without the coach first having seen that player in a game or private workout setting.

(Note: Players cannot workout in private for an NCAA DI program)

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