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Northern California Recruit Wins MVP in Army All-American Bowl

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January 4th, 2014

One of the Most Sought After Recruits in Northern California Wins MVP in Army All-American Bowl

Joe MixonJoe Mixon announced during the 4th quarter of the Army All-American Bowl that he will attend Oklahoma next season. Ranked as the #1 all-purpose back in the nation, Mixon received over 50 scholarship offers. He narrowed his top 4 choices down to Cal, Oklahoma, Wisconsin and UCLA. The Sooners prevailed.

During my junior and senior years at Franklin High School in Elk Grove, CA, I had the opportunity to play against Mixon. He’s a great running back and has a good combination of size and speed. His elusiveness and speed made it very difficult, at times, to get a handle on him. It often took a team effort to slow him down, and every play was unpredictable. Despite playing for a mediocre Freedom High School (6-6) team this past season, he still posted over 1700 yards rushing and 28 touchdowns. He averaged 122 yards rushing during his three years playing varsity.

Joe Mixon is a very special athlete. I’m interested in seeing what he does during his collegiate and perhaps professional career.

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