Knowing when and where to start makes a difference!


About Us

Elite Prospect Zone, Inc. (EPZ) is a sports recruiting company that connects student-athletes with college coaches. EPZ is based on a college readiness system that is designed to increase learning and performance, while marketing the student-athlete to colleges.

This is not the typical recruiting service, as we provide a very personal touch. It was started when we noticed a significant number of student-athletes who have extraordinary talent but are not receiving scholarships (mostly due to low GPA and SAT scores or lack of knowledge).

EPZ is focused on educating parents and student-athletes on the recruiting process with hopes of getting them a scholarship. Our main objective is for the student-athlete to have his/her education paid for or subsidized through their God-given gift.

We also provide workshops that keep the parents and student-athletes on task and educated.

How EPZ Got Started

EPZ was created during my son's junior year in high school. Like most parents of student-athletes, it has always been my goal to nurture my son's God-given gift to participate in sports and stand out as an exceptional athlete. He began playing football at the age of 8. It didn't take long for my husband and I to realize that he had a true love for the game. By his second year playing, he began to make a name for himself and left it all on the field week after week.

When he started high school football, I considered my son to be a "beast" on the gridiron. Immediately, I started to talk about how he was going to make it to the next level and receive a scholarship to play college ball. We had big hopes and dreams for him.

During his Varsity football season, the letters and calls did not come in like I had imagined. Highlights in the local newspaper and social media sites did not generate the swarm of interested scouts like I thought they should. I wasn't alone. After speaking with several parents of starting players, I realized that we were victims of what I call "Football Recruiting Illiteracy."

Not knowing where to start or what to do, I began a mission to get the answers. After hours on hours of research, countless calls to coaches, recruiters and parents, I am now geared with the materials to assist my son on taking his passion for his sport to the next level.

I dedicate all of my efforts to the parents who didn't know what they didn't know, the athlete who didn't realize that being great isn't always good enough, and the coach that couldn't do it all alone.

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